Lady Bug Little Bug Preschool

Lady Bug / Little Bug Preschool program is offered Monday- Friday mornings from 9:00 am to 11:30 am. Lunch is offered from 11:30 to 12:00. Ages of children range from 2 year old to pre-kindergarten. I am enrolled in the Early Achievers Program.

Philosophy: Each morning at 9:00am my home daycare becomes a preschool. My preschool program is a fun, hands on learning experience. I feel that your children learn best with a teacher that works around there needs and wants. Some days the children will want to sit and do lots of crafts and other days we may spend time at the table for a short time and then move into games and floor play. Each Day Centers are set up, which the chidren move around and work in different learning areas.

I feel that your children learn best with a teacher that works around there needs and wants.

I have no more then six to eight children in my preschool, which enables me to give them each individual attention. At this time I have a qualified assistant.  I work with my pre- kindergarten children to prepare them for kindergarten with the younger children being exposed but not expected to do the same quality of work. They all learn in time how to write their names,  numbers and letters and sounds of each letter. They all learn their colors and shapes. All of the above is gone over daily. This is done in writing them and also using them in our daily activities.

Younger Children: All children in daycare are part of the preschool program. Younger children that are not able to participate are given age appropriate toys to play with. More times then not my little ones are sitting right at the table with us, wanting to be like the big kids! They enjoy music time and craft time.

It amazes me how much my younger children pick up what the preschool children are being taught...

It amazes me how much my younger children pick up what the preschool children are being taught just by being exposed to what we are learning . My preschool program is very rewarding for me. Teaching and being a part of your child’s learning experience is the best part of my day. I very much enjoy working with each of my children and watching how they progress and grow each year.

Daily Program Consists of :

Music Time: At the beginning we sing with musical instruments and finger play songs.

Weather Bear:  We dress the weather bear for the weather of the day. The children as a group look outside and decide how to dress the bear appropriate for the weather. Each child is given a piece of clothing to attach to the bear.

Calendar: We talk about the month, day and number of the day. The day is put on the calendar and the numbers are counted each day. The calendar is done in a pattern each month, which teaches each child what a pattern is. We also sing the month song and day song at this time.

ABC Train: We sing and talk the ABC’s and talk about the letter of the month.We learn three letters a month. We then all sit in a circle and read a book about the letter of the month.

Theme of the month: Each month has a different theme. Each day a craft is done that has to do with that theme. This includes cutting, gluing, painting, and many hands on activities. Monthly I purchase a preschool program that includes all craft materials for each child. Also included is learning sheets containing letters, numbers, colors, shapes and cutting.

Math: Each day we do a math gathering. This includes sorting, counting colors and learning three numbers a month.

Free Play: This is the favorite part of preschool. The children learn to play with each other. We do a lot of dramatic play, play with kitchen toys, puppet shows, build puzzles, use rubber band boards, paint with fingers, brushes and painting utensils of different sorts. Outside time each day weather permitting.

Lunch Time: A hot lunch is served each day. The children help prepare the meal and learn to clean up after themselves.