Meals & Snacks

  1. Lady Bug / Little Bug will supply all meals and snacks that follow the USDA requirements. Breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack will be served to children in care depending on arrival time. I will serve additional snacks or meals to a child being in care for nine hours or more. I believe that when a child is hungry they should be fed.
  2. If your child requires special food, parents are required to provide meals. This needs to be labeled with child’s name and directions.
  3. All food for children under 1 year of age needs to be provided by parents.
  4. All formula for infants needs to be provided by parents.
  5. All food brought by parent needs to meet the minimum nutritional requirements.
  6. Children will also be encouraged to help prepare meals and snacks.
  7. Please don’t send child with any kind of candy treats, including gum to daycare.
  8. Any child that needs to be on a special diet, food needs to be brought to daycare by parent with a permission form from child’s Health Care Provider.
  9. Children will also be encouraged to help prepare meals and snacks.

At mealtime children will learn to set and clear table, wash table after meals and put dishes in the dishwasher. This is the best part of the meal.



Breakfast:                   7:00-9:30
Morning Snack:         9:30-10:00
Lunch:                        11:30-12:30
Afternoon snack:       2:00-3:30