Discipline and Behavior Management Policy

With a daily schedule planned, this insures on task and positive behavior. If discipline is needed it will be by age group.

Infants to age 20 months: Will be removed from situation and re-directed in other play.

Toddlers to 3 years:  Will be told “no” with a brief discussion of behavior and re-directed.  Short time outs may be used if negative behavior continues. Time outs are one minute per age.  All time outs are within provider's sight.

3 years and older:  Discussion of behavior to work out situation into positive behavior. If we have a conflict between children, we will have a short discussion on how to talk and listen to each other.  If behavior still hasn’t improved, the child is removed from the situation and is given another activity to do alone at kitchen table. This gives the child time to settle down and time alone with provider.

If behavior becomes defiant or out of control, parents will be called to help come up with a solution. Dismissal from daycare will be considered if behavior continues.