A child in full time daycare spends more than half of his/hers waking hours away from home. For this reason it is most important that I give this child the stability and nurturing that you as parents give in your home. I provide children with a loving, stimulating environment where they are free to learn and grow. I will provide an environment that promotes physical, emotional, mental and social development. 

They will always have a feeling of warmth, love and security.

I will help your child build self-esteem, self-discipline and a sense of responsibility. I will be your child’s friend, and special person to look up to for all their needs, when mom and dad are away. They will learn respect and caring of others. They will always have a feeling of warmth, love and security.I will teach your child to respect themselves and others. Your child will be cared and loved for in a fun, happy environment. I welcome you into my home with many years of caring for your child.